Electric blinds or motorized blinds can break down for many reasons. Some of the most common causes are;


Insufficient maintenance and repair
careless use,
electrical short circuits,
Forgetting items and similar items under pallets or channels causes malfunctions.
How Do We Know If Automatic Shutter Is Faulty?
It is not difficult to understand that automatic blinds are faulty.


Shutter motor making noise but not manoeuvring,
Slow or very fast operation of automatic blinds,
Motorized shutter making more noise than normal,
It can be listed as the deterioration of the balance of the shutter.
In such cases, it would be logical to call the technical team in order not to turn the existing malfunction into a bigger problem.


What are Motorized Shutter Failures?
All shutter systems used in the market include systems such as motors and controls. We can list the malfunctions of motorized blinds as follows;


Receiver short circuit,
Engine burnout or aging,
Compression of pallet or lamella,
Broken hanger connections,
Electrical short circuits.